Sales Philosophy


Our business has been built one satisfied customer at a time.

We have developed a very professional sales approach that copied many of the systems learned from a previous career at IBM. Our sales approach is very low pressure. We act as consultants with our clients to ensure that our company has the best design, product, warranty, customer service, completion date, and price, etc.

Franchise Clients

Our client is quality and service oriented, is planning on living in their home for at least 5 or more years, and wants a quality built deck. With low maintenance decking making up over 90% of our business, product and selection are a major competitive advantage. We have the largest selection of deck products in Canada and stock over 15 different types of low maintenance decking products. Our sales system has been put into training manuals, tapes, and videos. We have a four week sales course plus ongoing training. We also have a full time franchise manager to help with sales everyday throughout the year. We have thousands of pre-engineered drawings of completed projects, ready to be built again for the right customer. All the designing, drawing, engineering and material lists have already been done, allowing for huge time savings for new franchisees.

We are also staying on the cusp of technology when it comes to deck building and managing your business.  Just because we’ve had over 25 years of success in the industry, that doesn’t mean we are sitting on our thumbs.  We are constantly tweaking our business model, and researching new deck materials that will benefit our business and customer.

I look forward to talking with you more about our sales system, and how we can make you into a successful, professional deck consultant.

We collect your information for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding Hickory Dickory Decks. We will protect your information with the appropriate safeguards and your information will not be sold to any third parties.