Proven Results

Like all businesses, a Hickory Dickory Decks franchise is not a sure thing. No small business will work if the owner does not. No one has all the skills needed for a new business, so learning is a necessity. All new franchisees will enter the business in different financial positions, with different net worth and different costs of living.

Statistics prove that buying a proven franchise business has a much better chance of survival than going it alone.

Talk to our existing franchisees and find out the success that is possible with the right skills, the right training and support, the right systems and products, and with good old hard work.

Potential Earnings

There are many variables to the equation of success, and they are as different as the people striving for them. We all have different gifts and talents and with life experiences added to the equation and different financial positions, no two people are striving for the same thing. For the right person, with the right skills and training who works the business properly, and works hard, our system can save years in getting you to where you want to be faster and safer. We cannot guarantee results… no one can. Our proof is in our success to date, and the quality team we have built.

Variables to the success formula:

  • Can you sell enough?  Are you willing to get your hands and boots dirty and seek out new clients.
  • Can you sell for the right prices?  Are you offering a great deck for a realistic and fair price.
  • Can you build enough?  Have you organized your internal staff so you can build decks in a timely fashion.
  • Is your season long enough?  Weather sometimes dictates when and when not you can build a deck.  Certain
  • What are your material, labour and overhead costs?
  • Can you sell and install the more profitable products?
  • How many hours are you prepared to work? During prime deck season, you’ll be working long hours, sometimes 16+ hours.
  • What are your skill levels in selling, marketing, building, human resources, business management, accounting, design etc?
  • What other time commitments do you have? A Hickory Dickory Decks Franchise is not something you can run successfully part time.
  • Have you ever worked in a seasonal business where you are very busy in the spring, summer and fall and in the winter you are semi-retired?
  • Can you hire, train, supervise, motivate, discipline and hold members to your team? You not only have to be a people person, you have to be a leader to run your own franchise.

A Note From The Founder and CEO – Tom Jacquesconstruction_drill

I have been living the deck business since 1987, and I am proud of the team we have put together so far, both at Head Office and with our franchisees. If you are self-motivated and work hard, I believe our system can save you many years of frustration and speed up your process of success. Building and designing custom decks for great customers can be a challenge, but can also lead to a very rewarding and financially successful career. Do your homework, research the competition, learn all about your potential territory, search the web, see the products in action, and talk to our team. I look forward to our next meeting and seeing if Hickory Dickory Decks is right for you.

Yours truly,

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