Marketing & Sales

Hickory Dickory Decks has been in business since 1987, and has grown every year to become the largest custom deck company in Canada and number two in the world. Our success has been a combination of many traits, the most basic being, “building quality custom decks at a fair price and delivering great customer service.”

Marketing is one of the major contributing factors to our success.

It has taken us over 25 years of hard work and trial and error to become experts of marketing custom decks. We have developed proven methods that are working to get quality leads for our franchises. Here is a sampling of things that work for Hickory Dickory Decks:

  • World class web site – and Please do a quick search under Google for ‘decks’. Out of over 33 million sites found, we are frequently listed at the top.
  • Referrals – If you treat your customer great, they will treat you back the same. We strive to give 100% customer satisfaction. If we do make a mistake, we try our best to make it right.  Usually a mistake is due to a misunderstanding, and often a dissatisfied customer from a misunderstanding will become your biggest promoter if you go back and make it right.
  • Home Shows – Showing our work and explaining our advantages and product selection can be done very well at home and garden shows. We have been at hundreds of shows, and have a proven system that continues to be very successful.
  • Truck and Trailer – Our vehicles and trailers are all professionally decaled with full colour photos of our work, acting as advertising billboards.
  • Uniforms – All of our team members wear Hickory Dickory clothing. We get a lot of business from this, while maintaining a very professional image.
  • Brochures – We do targeted mail drops of full colour brochures in prime neighbourhoods with excellent results.
  • Trade Referrals – We work closely with all the home renovation trades, referring our customers to quality businesses and getting great referrals back.
  • Published Book – We’ve published our own deck books which have become very popular. We distribute these colour deck picture books to many locations such as garden centers , doctor and dental offices, with great results.
  • T.V., Radio, Magazine and Newspaper – These traditional marketing mediums are used in very unique ways with proven results.
  • Displays – Over the years we have built custom decks in some very unique places. In 2008, we completed a 300 square foot 3 level deck in Hamilton Ontario’s Copps Coliseum for the Hamilton Bulldogs. We also had a 4,500 square foot deck at the Hamilton Ti-Cats Stadium which has provided free T.V. coverage for the last two years.

There are many more marketing methods that our system uses to get our Hickory Dickory Decks name out to potential clients. I look forward to discussing more of them with you.

We collect your information for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding Hickory Dickory Decks. We will protect your information with the appropriate safeguards and your information will not be sold to any third parties.