Chatham-Kent Ontario Franchise

Our Chatham-Kent Ontario Franchise is an amazing opportunity for you to have a rewarding job where you work both outdoors and indoors. With a Hickory Dickory Deck Franchise, you’ll never be bored. When you’re not out lending a hand to your talented crew, you’ll be with customers, planning out their deck dreams. Being a franchise owner will improve your life satisfaction, as you literally see projects from start to finish, which is a highly rewarding feeling.

Ontario Franchise

With our Chatham Franchise, during the deck season, you’ll work crazy hours. During prime time, it’s not unusual to work 16 hour days six times a week. But the time flies by, and you’ll be having fun. You’ll be unloading composite wood out of trucks, having tea in a customer’s living room discussing their decks, or interviewing new contractors to work on a project for you.

Chatham-Kent is such a beautiful region, as it runs along Lake Erie as well as Lake St. Clair. It consists of Wallaceburg, Tilbury, Dresden, Blenheim, Ridgetown, and Wheatley. With a combined population of well over 100,000 there is lots of opportunity to build your deck franchise in this South-Western region.

Google “Ontario Franchise” and you’ll find a lot of fast food restaurants or cleaning services. These types of jobs aren’t for everyone as you’re stuck indoors, and doing some rather monotonous work. With a Hickory Dickory Deck franchise, you’re constantly on your toes, solving problems, keeping clients happy and working both in and outdoors. Our world-class training system ensures that you’ll have the tools you need to not only build amazing decks, but to manage your employees and bookkeeping duties.

If you’re interested in joining our franchisee family, please contact us for further information about our Ontario franchise opportunity in Chatham-Kent.

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